Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Wish List for Christmas

Well, well, well.

It's Christmas time and right now, I'm in Europe. So my travel itinerary and the dream-stay wishlist comprises of the places where I'd like to spend my Christmas.

This is my wishlist:

Here's the exhaustive list, my wish-trip begins a week before Christmas.

1. Good things start from Paris. 18-20 December. This BNB next to Eiffel Tower is the place where I wish to begin my week before Christmas. Red wine with Paris in the view and Champs-Elysses market in the night.
Photo Courtesy: My wishlist at airbnb

2. Five hours away from Paris, Brussels will be my next stop. 20-22 December. Its hot wine, frites, Belgian beer and sumptuous waffles next to City Palais make Christmas celebration a sweet and momorable affair.
Photo Courtesy: My wishlist at airbnb

3. 23rd December. Not too far from Brussels, a bus ride away, I wish to reach London for a day and stay in this small but cute house in South London. London for its fish and chips, for its British accent and for the London Eye. I wish to spend 1 complete day here.

Photo Courtesy: My wishlist at airbnb

4. Flying back from London to a small town on France-Germany border, Strasbourg. 24th-26th Dec. Why? Because it's the best place to be in Christmas. With its glowing Christmas markets, thousands of people on the road with Christmas trees, one cannot afford to miss this heaven.
Photo Courtesy: My wishlist at airbnb

5. After the nice zest at Strasbourg, a rejuvenating and quiet stay at the beautiful Berlin in this apartment with balcony. I plan to visit museums, the Berlin wall for its graffiti and just talk quiet walks.

Photo Courtesy: My wishlist at airbnb

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