Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi. This blog had been stagnating for sometime, I am sorry for it. I was busy all the while. Now I am totally free. Having many ideas for stories in my mind, I just want to pen them down - so that I don't forget and you too can see what I am seeing. So, here goes the list, all these will be fabricated as soon as possible since I myself am dying to read my stories. (The bracket after each point describes the 'genre') :-
  1. Serendipity - A sweet and touching love story - elaborating the role of destiny in 'love'. (Romance)
  2. The Death - A Booker Prize winning debut author commits suicide. (Mystery, human nature, twist)
  3. The Bet - An interesting conversation between two friends waiting for another friend at the railway station. Human nature would be emphasized. (Humour, twist)
  4. The Talk - Conversation between an Indian guy who hates India and a British girl who loves India; and the outcome of their talk. (Realistic, twist)
  5. 'Park'ing the butts! - Ordeal of three friends who went to smoke in the park late night. (humour, drama)
  6. The Lust Of Success - How entangled things can become if success and love are weighed on the same balance. Story of a couple. (Realistic, Emotional)
  7. Will you die for me? - Conversation between a husband and wife which brings out the most subtle truth about 'love'. (Philosophy, Emotional)
  8. Pain - A doctor's story. Being a doctor, he had not 'felt' the pain which his patient faced. But, when he himself gets stricken by a terminal disease; he realizes what pain one faces and his realization out of his own pain makes him do something great. (Human psychology, realistic)
  9. Scientist's story - he discovers a secret with which he can live a thousand lives in just one life. (Science Fiction yet Realistic)
  10. Choice - The most difficult choice of this world - Love or Dream? A story will give you the answer. (Philosophy, human nature, emotional)
  11. Is it really the best policy? A conversation on the definition of honesty which leads to a quarrel and then the climax.(Human Psychology)
P.S. I found myself gifted at exaggeration, so I became a story-teller.
P.S. Tell me which one to begin with first, I would love to hear from you all.


Prateek Raj said...

nice ideas...

when ever i think about love, it somewhere gets entangled with death. the reason is love is so linked with life. And life is so linked with death!

so that story will be nice...about "will you die for me"...though i would question it differently "will i die for you", as in the end it is this question that matters...

Buzz said...

Thanks for your comment. I would start with 'Will you die for me?' only; the title will be the same, not 'Will I die for you?' because the question itself is what the story begins and ends at. Keep reading!

Ankit said...

The Bet - that's my choice