Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet my Suri!

I have a baby at home. His name is Suryakant, and we call him Suri. Suri is seven months old, and is a healthy and chubby baby. Suri is my elder brother’s first child. Right from the first day, Suri has been a fun child. He immediately befriended our pet dog Biskut. Biskut loves licking Suri’s feet, and it tickles Suri so much that he goes rolling on the floor, giggling, laughing boisterously.

Suri likes watching TV. He sits next to his father every night and stares unblinkingly at the news that his father watches: at Arnab Goswami shouting at the top of his voice, at Rajdeep Sardesai coaxing the panelist to let each other speak, at Barkha Dutt cutting people midway. At times, when he has been watching a channel for a long time, if you switch the channel next, Suri gets annoyed and starts wailing. He doesn’t stop until you get the channel back. Stubborn child, he is.

Suri, being the child that he is, obviously has to undergo toilet training. While he sits on the potty chair that grandfather gifted to him every morning for twenty minutes, crunching up his face until he’s done with the business, the thing that troubles him the most is his incontinent and leaky bladder. Initially, the sofas of our drawing room was always wet, as Suri would pee the moment the background music turned towards the bass note, or Arnab would scream. Suri would sit in man-made puddle and flap his hands until all his fingers would be pruned, and he started shivering because of the cold. We didn’t use diapers. Elder brother and Bhabhi are slightly conservative, he wouldn’t like these corporatized products, and preferred making those triangles out of clothes, to tie them around Suri’s leaky bottom. Why to waste money for gharelu use, was his logic? Constant wetting gave Suri rashes on his bottom and from being a fun, giggly kid, he became a vexed kid who would keep wailing on every little thing.

It was during one of those TV sessions with Bhai came across the ad of Pampers and we thought of giving it a try. While there may be many things that Suri enjoyed doing, a full tummy and a dry diaper was probably what was needed to keep him happy. We ordered it! Within a week, Suri was back to his playful self. Not only did he watch TV and play with biscuit, he also started jumping on our mattress bed with his guarded bottom. You should see his smile every time Bhabhi makes him wear a new diaper. While most diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promised dryness for Suri on the inside. Its Magic Gel locked in moisture so that Suri’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. At two diapers a day, Suri is happy and dry, while Bhaiya and Bhabhi are happy and grateful that their wallet is not too burdened.

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