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The Seductress in Disguise

There are parties to celebrate and then there are parties to showcase. The party in which our Carol was invited was of the latter kind and she fancied this fact. Well, for a good-looking almost-single kind of girl in her thirties like Carol, such parties are nothing but an opportunity to find yet-another-Mr.Perfect-for-the-time-being until the next such party.

Dressed up in a ravishing red one-piece, with her white-as-milk spotless back divulging itself out of the 'V' that her red apparel created and the most endearing 'fake' smile being plastered on her face underlined by a stunning diamond necklace, she stepped in the Villa, The Garden Restaurant - the grand venue for the awaited party. The eyes turned towards her. A pair, then two, three, twenty, more and many more. There were too many eyes to count. She was more than pleased to gather all the attention towards herself. A debonair walk, a perfect smile - no matter how much bogus it was and a tempting back that followed made sure that every second gentleman present in the party would lose his gentleness for sometime.

After giving every man present in the party a perfect hormonal drive, she merged into the group of exhibitionists, who were the most opulent, if you trust them, in the magnificent party. A party to showcase. A party to flaunt. Such parties are always a delight to watch, since here the number of faux smiles always outnumber the number of teeth, the phonies try to be as charming as they could be to the other person, their action seems like that they had found their lost lover or brother in the other person, the riches fight their best to show to the world that they are as good a person inside as they look outside. One needs to be a player to survive in this kind of world. Player of materialism, player of hypocrisy and player of lies.

Not to our surprise, our dear Carol was one of the best players of this world. I told you she fancied these kind of parties. It is said that with age comes experience and with experience comes expertise - so was the case with her. She was quite adept in getting the maximum from the party. Seducing a rich, handsome and stupid guy, who would fall for her spotless skin as readily as a dog snaffling a bone, and later, would repay her service by showering his fortune buying priceless gifts for her, was her divine talent. She was way too fond of gifts - the costlier, the better. Her last beau turned out to be the best catch ever and he repaid her delightful service by gifting her a dearly-won diamond necklace, which was embellishing her already scintillating neck.

‘Oh wow, are those real diamonds?’ Asked Melissa, one of the pretty phonies, who was a bit on the heavier side though, whose jewelries and make-up constituted half of her weight.

‘Oh yes! Worth twenty thousand dollars!’

‘God! That’s so damn beautiful!’ Melissa exclaimed in a shockingly delighted tone, twenty thousand dollars being the prime reason for the necklace to be so damn beautiful.

‘Well, I’ve many admirers. Seduction is an art after all.’ Carol smirked and her charm climbed the ladder of self-obsession.

Her eyes wandered around as and when she said the word ‘admirers’. It was the day, when she needed to find her next catch, her next prize of the day, her next sumptuous admirer, a bon vivant. She detached herself from the group of dissemblers and began her rich-guy hunt.

The eyeballs first went left to the extreme point it could get until her neck, which held the pricey necklace, came to her use and she turned further left. Her eyes filtered through faces on the left but she could not find anyone appealing there. Her vision drifted rightwards and swayed a quarter of a circle, when it got stuck at a point. Her eyes couldn't move beyond. He was the one - a suave, unrealistically handsome man suited in an exquisite suede suit, embellished with a seemingly expensive watch on his right hand and a gold bracelet on his left.

She noticed him for some more time. He was wandering all-alone, carrying himself with utmost elegance and sophistication, his face underlined with seriousness made it look all the more dashing. He didn't speak to anyone and kept to himself. Finally, he went towards the food-stall, filled his dinner plate and moved towards an unoccupied table at the far end, away from the commotion.

She kept staring at him. She just wished that their visions to cross. Just once.

‘Hey Maria!’ She shouted gazing across his table, just to provoke his attention, since in reality, there was no Maria.

Her mission was accomplished because finally their eyes met. Not once, but twice. He even stared at her for around five odd seconds. She savored those moments. She suddenly knew that it was time to act. Leaving the show-offs at bay, she moved towards the table, where he sat with a plate full of Chinese dishes and a glass of red-wine, all alone. Ten steps away from the table, she stood in a fix adhering to her conscience which said,‘Don’t look desperate! You should better join him with your dinner,’ and she decided to go to the Chinese food-counter and get her food first.

She knew that if she could involve a guy in a delightful conversation, it would not be too difficult for her to woo him to bed. Men are always ready, her experience said so.

Two minutes later, with exactly the same set of dishes and a glass of red-wine, Carol came over to the serious-man’s table and sat down right across him. Without wasting any moment, she passed a seductive smile at him, only to find out that his eyes were fixed elsewhere. He didn’t pay heed to her presence. Alarmed, she immediately checked her face on the mirror fixed on the flap of her purse. There was nothing wrong with her face. She returned to the present with a relieved smile. Smile is always the best starter to a delightful conversation, her experience said so. She called it the stage one of the flirting cycle. But still, the Adonis was unaffected.

She was a bit stupefied. Having nothing extraordinary to do, she started taking note of what he possessed and what not. A fair skin, good hair, a good physique, a sparkling gold bracelet and a diamond-engraved Rolex on his right hand. It brought her a wider smile. A smile of satisfaction and anticipation. It was the first real smile of the evening. She was already taking him for granted, to be hers.

Having tasted defeat in the stage one, she went on to stage two. Her only motive was to involve him into a conversation. So, she coughed to seek his attention. But there was no change. He didn’t respond; willingly or unwillingly, she didn't know. She coughed again, this time loudly. His concentration spell was broken. He twisted his bottom on the chair, looked here and there but didn’t let his eyes cross the seductress in disguise. She was dumbstruck. She didn’t like it. She was not used to lack of attention.

She needed a better way to initiate a conversation for sure. She went on to the next stage - the implementation of some attention seeking tactics.

‘Wow, nice food,’ she said to herself, trying to carry on the Stage Three of plan-woo-a-guy.  For a change, this time the serious man looked directly at her face, with a gaping mouth as if he was about to say something. But instead, he started eating again.

‘What a bloody wimp, he can’t even start a conversation with a pretty girl! I think I’ll have to initiate. Oh my God, I hate this. I don’t want to portray myself as a nymphomaniac.’

Stage 4.

‘Hi.’ Carol said, in a whisper. She whispered so as to not sound too flirtatious.

He didn’t respond. He was playing pinball with his chopsticks and manchurian globes. She didn’t try to say anything more.

Stage 4 failed. This was too much for her.

She could not concentrate on anything other than her food, so she began ingesting the Chinese dishes which otherwise she wasn't very fond of, thinking about a new way to approach this problem. Just as she was struggling with suckling three long strands of noodles, she realized that it was time. Time to move from act-of-flirting to the act-of-seduction. She decided to do something so wild that would tempt the hell out of him. I told you with age comes experience and with experience comes expertise.

Seduction began.

She moved her hands behind her neck and partly unlocked her diamond necklace, so that a slight twitch could make it fall of her neck. Her bosom tightened, eyes sensual. His eyes, which were glued to his dinner plate decoding the chemical composition of the Chinese dishes, glanced sharply at her for a while.

Done with loosening the screws of her necklace, she went back to her food for sometime, knowing that at last this strategy worked for the serious man had been looking at her from time to time. Then she bristled abruptly, giving her neck a full-throttle jerk. It worked. As she hoped, her necklace slid down her body along the red carpet created by her one-piece. Bisecting her bosoms, kissing her navel and licking her skirt almost to the knees, it jumped straight on to the grassy ground.

‘Oops!’ She said and bent her perfect torso down to pick up the priced necklace.

The handsome eyes that were avoiding the seductress for the past ten minutes were enraptured in the beguiling picture that was unfolded in front of them. Carol remained sure that she would give him the best view she could, for the maximum time possible so that the Mr. Rolex would have no options left other than being cleaved by her cleavage, being besmirched in the beauty of the diva.

She picked up the necklace and put it in her purse. She didn’t want to waste any time trying to put them on again since now her exhibitionist nature was overpowered with a desire to abduct the rich sonovabitch into the shackles of lust. She looked into his eyes salaciously, trying her best to score. His eyes wandered up and down - to his noodles, to her bosoms, to her lips and to her eyes.

‘Hi,’ she said, this time a bit loudly, expecting a reply. He looked towards left, swung his vision around for a while, and then moved his right hand - the hand with the Rolex - down his right pocket to pull out his cell-phone. At the same time, his left hand extricated a white paper and a seemingly vintage gold-plated pen from the inner pocket of his suit. A moment later, he stuck his cellphone on his ears.

She looked at him, feeling dejected, as if she had been cheated, as if somebody had taken undue advantage of her, while he was busy looking up at the sky with his phone glued to his right ear, and his left hand, which held the golden pen, seemed to scribble something on the crumpled paper, in deep contemplation. It seemed like he was meditating about something deep, something profound, something of great social or spiritual value, something that was far more important than her.

She felt pissed. Extremely pissed. She started abusing him, in her mind though, to let go of her anger. The classy pen did seem to soothe her heart to try once more.

He started talking over the phone and his taciturnity painted the surroundings thereafter, since even on the phone he didn’t speak more than a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, and all the while, his scribbling was on. Carol was intrigued. He really was bizarre. But nevertheless, he was rich. Come on, he had a diamond-engraved Rolex, a stylish gold bracelet and a swish vintage pen and his being handsome was just an icing on the cake.

She was not one of those who would give up so early. After all, she was an expert, you already know, don't you? She had never failed earlier. Wooing a guy had been a cakewalk for her. Smile leads to conversation which leads to sex, where she rocks the hell out of the guy, and thereafter there comes a flood - a flood of gifts. After three unsuccessful stages of flirting and an outrageous attempt to seduce, her precious experience from the past came out with the last but powerful idea to make him initiate a conversation.

'If I leave my purse on the table and casually walk away, then of course, Mr. Rolex would have to speak. He won’t have any options left. There is no-one nearby other than him who would have to take the initiative. And if he leaves and I have to pick it up myself, then he is the biggest loser alive on this planet, for sure. Mr. Rolex, you just can’t avoid me. I am not anyone, I am the one, I am the seductress!'

The moment Mr. Rolex’s call got over, our lady in red stood up and left the table silently, intentionally leaving her purse on the table. She trudged away from the table at a caterpillar’s pace, her ears dying to hear Mr.Rolex’s voice calling her and her neck was ready to turn around - towards him. For half a minute, she waited with her pale but bright 'V' shaped back facing expectantly towards the table she had left, to hear just a voice. The wait remained a wait. Carol’s feet didn’t move further and out of sheer disappointment, she turned back to see what that suave and handsome Mr. Rolex was up to.

Her eyes became big and then bigger, until it was almost ready to jump out of its place, her white skin turned orange, breaths became erratic and feet started trembling. The sight that beheld her eyes brought her multiple tornadoes in a single moment, since Mr. Rolex was gone. And so was her purse. There was just a piece of paper left on the table.

With furrowed eyebrows and a oh-my-God-this-can't-happen look on her face, Carol rushed back to the table, and this was what she read -

It was very nice meeting you.
Thanks a lot for your diamond necklace.
Hope you had a nice time at the party.

P.S. Please thank Mr. Richards for his Rolex,
Mr. Dawson for his amazing bracelet and, 

Mr. Gunther for the pen, on my behalf

Our seductress in disguise met a thief in disguise. And this is where our story ends, with her expertise been given a blow but her experience been given a rise.

(Written for indiblogger's contest #ConditionSeriousHai by Cadbury 5 Star.)


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