Saturday, March 28, 2015

Modiji ke saath: An E-governance App to Achieve #DigitalIndia Vision

The present government, especially our prime minister Modiji, has been a pioneer at leveraging the advantage of technology to reach out to masses. Be it the use of Facebook or Twitter, or through the medium of radio. I feel with Intel's technical support of the Digital India Vision, the government can bring in a massive change in the way the junta communicates with the government. 

E-governance is the future, and with the mobile and 3g penetration increasing with every passing day, the government at the center could be made very accessible to every smartphone located in each nook and corner of the country. With companies launching cheaper and cheaper smartphones (as low as 4k rupees), the exclusivity of smartphone users no more exists and now everybody can adopt the digital lifestyle that the current government champions. In this regard, I have an idea of an app that could allow everyone in the country to reach out to the PMO, and register their questions and concerns.

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is an inspirational figure for the masses, a leader who believes in actions, and if he decides to connect on a one-to-one basis through the medium of a video-based mobile app, nothing could be better and more empowering for India's citizens. I am an IIT graduate and I have been toying with this app idea along with a couple of my friends, which could be utilized by the PMO very well to interact with the citizens on a personal level. 

Tentatively named, Modiji ke saath, it's an app that combines Modiji's Vichaar, Charcha and Kaarya on mobile platform and makes them accessible and interactive with the masses residing anywhere in the country. 

1. Vichaar: Showing all the facebook, twitter, news and mann ki baat content, real time.

2. Charcha: People can ask questions and upvote on popular ones. Modiji answers 1 most popular question a day in a video selfie, taking the name of the person who has asked the question.

3. Kaarya: Here, for instance, if someone goes to Jandhan Yojna, they see a video about it, take a pledge to support it and share their experience about a) how they plan to contribute or b) how their life has been changed by it

The beauty of this app are as follows: 
  • it could be used by anyone, in a customisable language and could also be accessible via the computer. 
  • Even in villages, through the Panchayat, it could be rolled out and during every gram-sabha, janata can put out its questions to the PM. 
  • Modiji will be able to address the concerns of the aam aadmi from his office itself, but the personal connect will be far deeper 
  • Allow participatory democracy and e-governance to reach its maximum potential. 
  • It will empower each and every citizen, for s/he would be having the Prime Minister a mobile app away 
  • It could help the government design better policies based on the ground realities.
Essentially, digitization is the future of governance, an app such as Modiji ke Saath can bring the future nearer. 

Let's steer towards a #DigitalIndia with the help of Intel.


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